Marie O’Shea, LLB

Placement Coordinator
Trinity College Dublin

Key Areas: liaison, coordination, ethics, mediation

Marie O’Shea is the liaison between the Atlantic Fellows at GBHI and colleagues at Tallaght Hospital and St. James’s Hospital. She carefully coordinates each rotation to maximally align with the particular research and policy interests of the trainees.

The practice of research ethics in medicine is essential to ensuring the dignity and wellbeing of research participants.

O’Shea’s professional background is in law. She is the legal member of the Health Policy and Management and Centre for Global Health Research Ethics Committee at Trinity College Dublin and is currently a member of the Research Ethics Committee in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems at University College Dublin.

O’Shea has a strong interest in the health sector. She recently authored a report commissioned by the Health Service Executive about its national home-birth service, which partially informed the development of an audit tool. She is also currently working as a strategy development officer on a Health Research Board funded project on collective leadership and patient safety at University College Dublin.

O'Shea is also an experienced project manager and trained mediator.

Bio: Marie O’Shea is the GBHI placement coordinator at Trinity College Dublin. She received her law degree from the University of London. She serves on several ethics committees and as a strategy development officer in addition to work at GBHI.