Photo by: Eddy Klaus

Photo by: Eddy Klaus

The Atlantic Philanthropies provided initial funding to establish GBHI and maintain a level of operational support for 15 years to train 600 international leaders in brain health.

GBHI welcomes partners in philanthropy to secure the long-term sustainability of this unique program, to expand its reach across geographic regions, and to increase the number of trainees. Funding opportunities include:


Endowed Funds

More Information About How to Support GBHI?

Please contact:

Anders Yang
University of California, San Francisco
Development & Alumni Relations
220 Montgomery Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, California 94104

Tel: 011.415.502.8309








Endowed professorships will allow us to ensure funding for faculty members who oversee and act as mentors to fellows and scholars from around the world. The expertise of our faculty leaders at UCSF and Trinity College is the very foundation of the GBHI. Named professorships will recognize the individuals and families for their support and contribution to the effort to find solutions for alleviating dementia.

Endowed fellowships will allow us to provide long-term opportunities in training, mentorship and professional development in brain health.


Current-Use Gifts

Dementia-related research projects are a crucial component of GBHI. Funding for specific research projects will enable a comprehensive effort to combat dementia.

Fellowships will provide an opportunity to those interested in dementia to acquire tools and skills to help people with dementia.

We appreciate your interest in exploring supporting this ground-breaking international program. Please contact us to discuss your interests in making a difference.