Zarah Kelly, M.Sc

Research Assistant
Trinity College Dublin
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Key Areas: operations, planning

I’m delighted to be able to couple my scientific interests with work that will encourage social change in underserved populations across the globe.

As a recent graduate, Zarah Kelly is launching her career here at GBHI. During her time in education, she gained invaluable experience working with an early-stage life science venture specializing in the development of novel therapeutics to treat vision loss and prevent blindness associated with ageing. She also successfully completed a laboratory-based research project that studied the effect of glial cells on neuroinflammation and proposed a novel target to enhance neuroprotection in states of neurodegenerative disease.

Because of her background, she is highly motivated by GBHI’s interdisciplinary approach to reducing the scope and impact of dementia while encouraging social and cultural change on a global scale.

Zarah joined the Operations team in December 2017 and is working closely with the Deputy COO and planning committee to support the organization and scientific programming of the 3rd annual conference in Argentina.

Bio: Zarah holds a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from University College Dublin. She obtained her Masters of Science degree in Biotherapeutics & Business, also from UCD.